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Many of us had humble beginnings, but nothing could prevent us from going through a sequence of events: the willingness to do something great led to creation of an idea; the idea turned into a dream, the dream into a passion. You persevered and you did everything you could to turn the idea into a reality, a small business so magnificent that will live at least as long as you live and beyond (or you'd like to hope so). In a way your whole story of life and your success, was translated into your small business which now defines who you are - Your small business, you might agree, summarises what wisdom you have brought into this world. That is why we say your story of success is your Abstract Wisdom! Thank you for enriching this world by being there. 

Care to share? Keen to read about others' wisdom? Then this website is for you. 

In case you would like to know my story, my name is Aidin, and here is just a bit about how I started this website (read below please).

My Story

Just one of the latest scenes of it

About a month ago (November 2015), I was standing in the line at the post office in Alexandria (Sydney, Australia) to deliver the packages for a friend of mine who runs a small business related to printer accessories. Hamish (not the real name) was in the line too. He had already told me how he had come up with a very smart idea a couple of years ago and now he owned a small business which provided special services to people with a certain type of medical condition.

While we were standing in the queue, Hamish was telling me about a new product he was launching the next day when the kind lady behind the counter called up and said: “Who is next?”. I smiled and started walking hurriedly towards the counter … I stopped mid-way and turned to Hamish and said: "I’m starting a small business too – just registered the domain names." He answered semi-eagerly: “What is it?” I said: "Abstract Wisdom!" Hamish perhaps just wanted to say something: "are you going to sell your wisdom?", he almost smirked. I quickly answered: “Maybe!” … to myself I said: “No Hamish, it will be your wisdom and the wisdom of smart people like yourself!”

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Did you notice the favicon for Abstract Wisdom ?

Why a pomegranate?

Just for those who are not in the know, a favicon is a little icon above the address line in the browser. Ours is a tiny pomegranate. Here is why: In some cultures, pomegranates are literally referred to as "the fiery treasure box" fruit. You didn't know that one, right? But this one you surely know: If you break down a ripe pomegranate, you will find a large number of dark red jewel-like seeds in it. Each seed will be different from the next and you won't be able to find two identical seeds. While each seed is magnificent in its own right when they are packed together to form a complete pomegranate, the beauty and magnificence, I would say, is multiplied exponentially.
At Abstract Wisdom we believe that each small business is a jewel in its own right, and no two are identical. Our ultimate goal is to link a large number of small businesses together, hoping that new ideas and new concepts will emerge from the cooperation between small business entities. Younger entrepreneurs perhaps will find new hope between the lines written by the more experienced wise women and men who have been in business for a number of years.
There is an ancient wisdom stating that in each pomegranate there is one single seed that is directly linked to the tree of life and you will live longer if you will be so lucky as to find and consume that seed, the jewel of jewels among all the seeds of pomegranate. We are looking for that jewel of jewels among you owners of small business, knowing that there are not one, but many. Now you know why we chose pomegranate as the logo for Abstract Wisdom.

What we do depends on what you do!

But also there is one thing that we do better than anything else

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And what else is it that we can do for you beside introducing you to the world?

There is one thing that we do better than anything else at Abstract Wisdom: bringing you concise information from around the globe about everything and anything that you might need to know. There are so many videos, heaps of information presented by many famous and non-famous presenters around the globe. If you are handling a business, or if you are starting one up, you won't have the time to watch all the videos and read all the content, even though there would be a lot of useful information there for you, don't you agree?

Well then, while we are identifying your other needs in your business and while we will be keen to introduce your work to the world, we will also collect information and present them here in an abstract form and that will include data from scientific papers, not just from mass media or business coaches.

In short, the intention is to collect the wisdom of people who know a lot about business and present it to you in an abstract format, to save your time with acquiring knowledge. And the best part of it is this: you can contribute by sharing your wisdom with everyone else, right through this website. We can even help you with writing what you want to write and present it here for you.


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